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Today we're saying goodbye to TapTape and to you.

It's hard write this, but we've had to shut down TapTape as of August 18th 2016. From its early days, TapTape's mission was to "connect the right artists with the right fans, giving talented musicians financial freedom and artistic flexibility." We will continue pursuing this in other ways, but for now, it’s time to move on.

We will very much miss working on this ambitious idea with all the wonderful people who have been involved. You know who you are. Our ambition was grand, and we firmly believe that there will be more sustainable ways to financially support artists. For now, we’ll have to let others carry the torch, and we wish them all the best, from the bottom of our hearts.

While the exact reasons behind our shut-down have to remain private, we can say there are a few key individuals who tried their best to keep us from succeeding, and it seems those individuals have prevailed.

We learned much from TapTape, and from you, and we’re grateful for every little piece of help we received over our journey. It was simply amazing. Thank you.

Looking forward with lots of love,

The Team at TapTape